Sunday, June 27, 2010


Audio Books
1.Japanese Audio Books with Transcripts

1. Japanese high school subjects with NHK videos

JLPT Resources - N2

N2 Kanji List (PDF)

N2 Vocabulary List (PDF)

Vocabulary sound files

Online Lessons

1. Japanese Pod 101

Credits to Mark

Study Materials - Expressions

1. どんな時どう使う日本語表現文型500 中・上級 (PDF)

Credits to John

Study Tools - Dictionaries

1. 3 Dictionaries of Japanese Grammar (PDF)

Credits to John

Study Materials - Kanji Books

1. Remembering the Kanji, Vol. 1: A Complete Course on How Not to Forget the Meaning and Writing of Japanese Characters

2. Remembering the Kanji, Vol. 2: A Systematic Guide to Reading Japanese Characters (Japanese Edition)

3. Remembering the Kanji: Writing and Reading Japanese Characters for Upper-Level Proficiency (Japanese Edition)

Credits to Stewart and Mark

Study Tools - iPhone apps

1. Kotoba - 電子辞書
2. Shin Kanji - 電子辞書
3. iAnki - Flashcards for Kanji
4. Japanese Flip - 2級文法
5. Kanji Flip - 2級漢字

Credits to Stewart